Estrella Nutribios Natural Anti-Acne Neem Face Wash | Review

Can a girl ever have enough face washes in her skincare stash? No! Our skin always wants more pampering, which is why I was overjoyed when I was contacted by Estrella Professional to try out their Nutribios Natural Anti-Acne Neem Face Wash. I have been testing out this product over the past week or so and can’t wait to tell you guys more about this amazing face wash. But first, in case you do not know about Estrella, here are a few tit-bits about the brand.

About Estrella ProfessionalEstrella Professional is a well-known brand in the skincare, hair care, and body care space that has partnered with various salons and service providers in the past. Some of the partners that the brand is associated with include Naturals, Limelite, Essensuals by Toni & Guy, YLG, At Home Diva (Quikr) and Getlook. Recently, the brand has stepped into the consumer space as well, with a large number of products such as Face Washes, Cleansers, Day Creams, Night Serums, Shampoos, Hair Masques, Hair Serums, Body Butters and much more. The Estrella Nutribios Natural Anti-Acne Neem Face Wash is one such product from the consumer range that is currently available on Amazon.

Estrella Nutribios Natural Anti-Acne, Neem Face Wash | Review

About The Product  The Estrella Nutribios Natural Anti-Acne Neem Face Wash is a unique blend of herbs and natural ingredients that are known to heal acne scars and to eliminate pimples. This face wash contains Neem and Vetiver, that are known for their purifying properties, tea tree extracts, which are anti-inflammatory and extremely effective against acne, and cinnamon, which has anti-bacterial properties (check the image below for complete ingredient list). Together, these ingredients are claimed to control the production of sebum, reduce the appearance of acne, and lighten the scars left behind by pimples to reveal clearer and brighter skin.

Estrella Nutribios Natural Anti-Acne, Neem Face Wash | Review

My Experience With The Product  The first thing about this face wash that caught my attention even before I cracked open the packaging was the refreshing and almost citrusy scent of tea tree oil. This rejuvenating fragrance can be the perfect pick me up in the morning. The face wash itself is a clear gel with a green tint that has a semi-liquid consistency. It lathers really well on the skin and you do not need more than a tiny bit of the product for every wash. The formula is extremely gentle and does not cause any irritation to the skin or the eyes. Despite being so gentle on the face, the cleansing action of this product is commendable and it gets rid of any traces of makeup, oil, and sweat with extreme ease.

The face wash is also quite effective at sebum control and keeps my face shine-free for up to 6 hours. However, it does not dry out the skin at all and somehow manages to ensure that the skin retains the perfect amount of natural oils to look hydrated and glowing but not greasy. I also had a few bumps on my skin when I first started using this face wash which would normally have turned into horrible red pimples within a few days, but this product shrank the bumps and prevented a painful breakout. Overall, ever since I have started using the product, my skin has been extremely well behaved. Although the scars from previous breakouts have not vanished, they have definitely lightened slightly, and no new pimples have appeared on my face. I am happy to report that after using this facewash twice daily for about ten days, I feel confident to step out of the house without any face makeup 🙂

Estrella Nutribios Natural Anti-Acne, Neem Face Wash | Review

Overall Verdict – Not only has the performance of this face wash thoroughly impressed me, but the price point of INR 379 for a huge 200ml bottle is also very appealing. For a salon brand to bring out an extremely affordable homecare range is quite unique and impressive. This face wash is the perfect product for all those with oily to normal, acne-prone skin and it will not burn a hole in your pocket as well. If you compare it to similar products such as The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Face Wash, the Estrella face wash not only works much better on my skin but is also a fraction of the price of the former. Therefore, if you are looking for professional, reliable, and budget-friendly skincare then this face wash from Estrella Professional is a must buy for you!

The products from Estrella Professional are currently available on Amazon. Click here to buy the Estrella Nutribios Natural Anti-Acne Neem Face Wash.

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Disclaimer – PR sample sent by the brand but all opinions are honest and my own.


Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo For Falling Hair | Review

When it comes to shampoos, I have an entire arsenal of products – one for dandruff, some for hair fall, and a score of shampoos for adding volume to my super limp hair. If there is one product that I consider myself an expert of, it is shampoo (with a disclaimer that what works for me might not work for those with a different scalp and hair type). I have recently been testing out the Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo For Falling Hair after reading some rave reviews on the Internet and if this shampoo has proven to be a hidden gem for me!

Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo For Falling Hair | Review

This shampoo contains pure kelp, natural proteins, peppermint oil, and mint extracts. This combination of ingredients is supposed to gently cleanse the hair and make the scalp healthier for fresh hair growth. Although it is hard for me to tell as of now whether it has encouraged fresh hair growth or not, it has definitely reduced hair fall and has made my hair much shinier than before.

The shampoo lathers really well and is pretty lightweight on the hair and does not weigh them down at all. I found it a bit hard to tolerate its super strong herbal scent but thankfully it does not linger post-rinsing. You have to be careful with the amount of product you use though because it does dry out the hair quite a bit. However, if you use a good conditioner after using the shampoo, you will be left with stronger, healthier, and shinier hair that feel smoother too!

Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo For Falling Hair | Review

Despite the super affordable price of INR 155 for a 200ml bottle, the packaging with the convenient flip cap is extremely sturdy and did not leak or rupture in my checked in luggage during a recent trip. Also, can you resist the inviting blue colour of this shampoo? Add this to your cart now ladies, especially if you are suffering from relentless hairfall, just remember to add a nice argan oil hair mask or conditioner as well.

I hope that this review was helpful. You can buy the Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo for Falling Hair here.

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Loreal Professionnel Instant Clear Shampoo | Review

Back in the day, I was struggling a lot with dandruff when an angel sent from heaven (read my go-to hair stylist) recommended a wonderful shampoo to me that sorted out my scalp within a few weeks! This product was the Loreal Professionnel Instant Clear Shampoo, which is the only product I trust till date to get rid of any dandruff that may appear on my head from time to time.

Loreal Professionnel Instant Clear Shampoo | Review

This shampoo is from the Loreal Professionnel range and is targeted for those with normal to oily hair. It contains Zinc pyrithione which is a commonly used antimicrobial/antifungal agent that is used to treat dermatitis, and Citric Acid which is known to work wonders against dandruff. It has a lovely light blue color and the usual shampoo consistency. It lathers up really well and you will need the tiniest amount of this product for every wash. Within a couple of weeks of using this product, I always notice a drastic reduction in my dandruff and within a month, it manages to eliminate all traces of dandruff from my scalp. Once I am completely dandruff-free, I use this shampoo just once a month to avoid the dandruff from reappearing. No other product has ever worked so well on my scalp.

Coming to the possible cons of the shampoo, it does have strong citrusy+perfumy scent that may irk a few people although I love it. It also can be quite drying, so you must not use it more than once a week, which is what was recommended by my hair stylist as well. If you have dry hair then this product may make the situation worse, but if you have normal to oily hair and do not use too much of the shampoo in one go, you will definitely see the benefits.

Loreal Professionnel Instant Clear Shampoo | Review

This shampoo is priced at INR 575 for a 250ml bottle, which is pretty reasonable considering that it is a salon range and that you only need to use this once a week. As you can probably gauge from my ravings, I am head over heels in love with the shampoo and can’t recommend it enough, however, everybody’s scalp and hair are different, so test it out on your hair to see if it works as well for you. And when you do, do let me know in the comments below whether my recommendation worked for you or not!

I hope that this review was helpful. You can buy the Loreal Professionnel Instant Clear Shampoo here.

PAC Beauty Blender Sponge (Classic) |Review

Believe it or not, until the last month, I had never used a makeup blending sponge in my life. Once you have stopped gasping about this fact, I will tell you why – simply because I like a medium to full coverage with my foundation and sponges are known to sheer down every face product. However, curiosity finally got the better of me and I brought home the PAC Beauty Blender Classic Sponge, because it was one of the most affordable sponges I could find in India. Now, I have never used the original beauty blender, so I cannot tell you whether this sponge comes close to the real deal or not, but if you want the opinion of someone from the “brush club” on this makeup blending sponge then read on.

PAC Beauty Blender Sponge (Classic) |Review

First of all, I must say that I was pretty impressed with the packaging of the product. For the price of INR 485, I expected it to come in some flimsy plastic box but no, this sponge comes in a sturdy and high-end looking black cardboard box that has a slot for the sponge to sit in! Really PAC, you have managed to get my attention! Moving on to the sponge, it is soft and squishy and does expand in size when you wet it thoroughly, becoming even softer and squishier, so much so that you can literally squeeze it flat between your fingers.

When you apply a foundation with this sponge, it does soak in a good amount of the product and does sheer down the coverage to more of a natural to medium, but it literally provides a fully blended look in a matter of seconds! Although I won’t be reaching for this sponge on the days when I want to look porcelain-perfect, I will definitely be using this on the good skin days when I just need a slight wash of color on my face. If you have a foundation that looks too cakey on you or a contouring shade that looks a bit harsh, then this sponge will blend the product like a dream and will remove any cakiness or sharp lines. So basically, while a brush or even your fingers can help you get the doll-like flawless look with your makeup, this sponge can make you look like a painting with all the colors seamlessly blended in. Also, since you can mould this sponge into any shape of your liking, it can be used easily for applying concealer under the eyes as well as for contouring, making it a no-fuss product for when you are in a rush.

PAC Beauty Blender Sponge (Classic) |Review

If you are new to the beauty blender game then I would recommend starting off with this affordable alternative to figure out whether you are actually a sponge person or not before investing in other expensive options. For someone like me who usually uses a makeup brush, this sponge keeps me covered on the days when I want to do all my blending with one tool and want a more natural look. For the super affordable price, I honestly couldn’t have asked for more from this product.

I hope that this review was useful. You can buy the PAC Beauty Blender Classic Sponge here.

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Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Palette | Review and Swatches

We may be done with Durga Puja but the festivities are far from over and I am already hyped up for Diwali! If you are a regular reader, you may have seen the colorful eye looks that I created for the last three days of Navratri, and I am glad to report that I have finally found the palette that will take care of all the festive looks I will be creating in the near future! For all my recent looks, I have been using the Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Palette, and I have finally tested it enough to write a detailed review, so here we go.

Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Palette | Review and Swatches

This palette comes in the standard Makeup Revolution palette but the outer cardboard box is a wonderful riot of colors, as are the actual eye shadows. The palette has 18 bright and beautiful shades that range from acid yellows and greens to electric blues and pinks. They have also included a number of deeper shades such as plum, purple, brown and a deep green, which can work as excellent crease shades. Therefore, you can create a full eye look with this palette, which is usually not the case with most colorful palettes. The only thing that I miss in terms of a color is a nice matte or even shimmery black but the rest of the shade spectrum is pretty much covered.

Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Palette | Review and Swatches

The palette comes with a thin transparent sheet that has the name of all the colors on it, which is going to make my job of reviewing them much easier. As you can see, there are a few matte shades and a few shimmery ones. All the matte shades are top notch in the pigmentation department but can be a little chalky and powdery, however, if you tap your brush before using them, you will be good. The shimmer shades, on the other hand, are slightly less pigmented and less blendable, and I feel that using these with a finger is the best way to work with them. The shades that come in the circular shape are the most powdery and not as pigmented as the rectangular matte shades, but with the right amount of product and blending, you can work with them too. Overall, I would say that the pigmentation is very decent for the price and I am super impressed with most of the colors. My favorite shades are Wkd, Tom Tom, Pink Obsessed, Over-bored, Needed To, and Me Three. Also, I am extremely thankful for the mirror in the palette and the double-ended sponge applicator is actually quite useful for applying some color to the lower lashline and for adding a highlight shade in the inner corner.

Makeup Revolution Colour Chaos Palette | Review and Swatches

Here are the arm swatches of all the shades, and if you want to see these colors in action then you can check out my last three posts for eye swatches. For a price of INR 1350, I feel that this palette is really very good, and because it has all the bright shades I could ever think of using in my life, I don’t think I will ever need another colorful eyeshadow palette. Some of the shades can be a little hard to blend for a newbie, but if you are decent at blending your shadows then you will love this palette. I would recommend all those who sport colorful eye looks only on rare occasions, and therefore don’t want to give an arm and a leg for bright eyeshadows, to buy this palette to have them covered. This is 1350 bucks well spent indeed!

I hope that this review was helpful. Click this link to buy the Makeup Revolution Color Chaos Palette.

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Navami Makeup Look | Purple Themed Eye and Lip Makeup

Happy Navami! Today’s colour is purple, so here is my purple makeup look for the day. This look may not be very wearable but during the festival season, the brighter the better! So here are some pictures, I hope you like them!




With this, I end my series on the colours of Navratri. I hope that you liked these looks and got some makeup inspiration for the ongoing festive season. Hope you have a fabulous Navami today and an amazing Dussehra tomorrow! I will be back soon with more makeup looks and product reviews 🙂


Ashtami Makeup Look | Pink Smoky Eye Makeup

Hello everyone! In continuation to yesterday’s post, today is Maha Ashtami, the 8th day of Durga Pooja and the color of the day is Pink! Since I have already published a few soft pink makeup looks on the blog already, today I created a more smoky look. So without much ado, here are a few pics of my Asthami look 🙂




I hope you are enjoying this colorful Navratri series. I will be back tomorrow with another colorful look. Until then, have an amazing and joyous Maha Ashtami!

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