Monday Musings: My Foodie Side

As hard as it may be for you to believe, this girl does not run on makeup and needs some real carbs on the rare occasion. Here are my three firm beliefs on the matter of food-

  1. Breakfast for dinner is the best idea ever.
  2. Chocolate is a legitimate food group and a wholesome meal.
  3. If it is Chinese, it must be healthy.

I also find cooking extremely therapeutic and writing about food even more so. Here are a few articles that I have written on the subject of food:

Mukbang Videos- A foodie’s delight?

The joys of stir-fried cooking.

Cupcakes that heal the soul.

Do let me know what you think of them. Also, I hope the Monday morning blues do not get to you today!






6 thoughts on “Monday Musings: My Foodie Side

  1. The cupcakes look so tempting! I’m craving some now!! And hey, I love making stir fry veggies too – super easy to make, healthy and tasty too (sounds like the tag line for a famous brand of instant noodles 😛 ) . I will try your version as well sometime. I usually make it minus the cornflour, vinegar and soya sauce

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